Advocated for the inclusion of Student Trustees in British Columbia

Student Voice Initiative played a pivotal role in the adoption of motion to bring Student Trustees onto school boards across British Columbia.

Sought More Student Representation in School Community Councils

Student Trustee Patrick Quinton-Brown shared his concerns about the low student involvement in School Community Councils.

Authored a Mental Health Policy

Steven Slowka, a Student Trustee with the Halton Catholic District School Board, authored a mental health policy.

Advised the Ontario Minister of Education on Civics Course Curriculum Redevelopment

Members of the Oakville Provincial Youth Advisory Committee told Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky their opinions on how to rebuild the civics curriculum.

Led Fundraising Efforts for Nutrition Programs in Schools

“We have a week-long campaign, but the truth is that hunger exists all around the year. I think it’s a very important issue for all Torontonians.” – Gorick Ng, Student Trustee

Stopped a School Board-Wide Vending Machine Ban and Fixed All Water Fountains

Student Trustee Gorick Ng led efforts to stop a vending machine ban and to fix water fountains instead.

Supported Cost-Cutting Efforts

Student Trustees supported Toronto School Board’s decision to cut costs on Teachers’ Conferences.

Supported Non-Profit Organization Fundraisers and Campaigns

Student Trustee Elizabeth Urso helped her school get on-board with United Way’s launch of the Youth for the United Way Photo Contest.

Influenced Uniform Requirement Policies in Schools

Student Trustees helped make the choice on whether or not uniforms should be required at schools.

Influenced Nutritional Standards in School Cafeterias

Student Trustees played a role in the removal of  unhealthy food choices from school cafeterias.



Influenced School Board Meeting Procedures

Student Trustees voted on changing the procedures of Board Meetings in the Halton District School Board.

Raised Funds for Needy Families

Assisted by Student Trustees, students at Assumption College School in Brantford, Ontario raised coins to aid less-fortunate families.

Spoke Against Frivolous Spending by School Boards

Student Trustees spoke against frivolous spending of school budgets, suggesting money could be better spent on aiding students.

Collected Clothing for the Homeless in Toronto

Student Trustees assisted in collecting socks and mittens for the homeless in Toronto.

Supported the Haiti Earthquake Redevelopment Effort

Student Trustees from the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board raised money for Earthquake relief.

Produced Province-Wide Student Surveys

Over 2,600 students participated in a student-led digital survey conducted by the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association.

Made the Collection of Student Activity Fees More Transparent

Student Trustees assisted in the urge for change after a retired principal was charged with theft and fraud of a student activity fund.

Eliminated Bottled Water in all Schools in a School Board

Natalie Rizzo advocated for the phase-out of bottled water in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Urged Schools to act on Cyber Bullying

The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association helped communicate the students’ view on a tough issue.