SVI has advocated for the inclusion of Student Trustees in British Columbia by making a presentation to the BCSTA at their AGM about student trustees. A motion to elect student trustees passed with massive support after our presentation. We have also made presentations in other school boards, such as Saskatchewan Rivers and Comox Valleys. Student Trustees were thereafter also implemented in Saskatchewan Rivers.

We have also played an active role in giving presentations at conferences, such as Leaning Forward 2016, and have given presentations to graduate-level education courses at UBC.


Here are some things that Student Trustees have accomplished:

  • Sought More Student Representation in School Community Councils
  • Authored a Mental Health Policy
  • Advised the Ontario Minister of Education on Civics Course Curriculum Redevelopment
  • Led Fundraising Efforts for Nutrition Programs in Schools
  • Stopped a School Board-Wide Vending Machine Ban and Fixed All Water Fountains
  • Supported Cost-Cutting Efforts on teachers’ conferences
  • Supported Non-Profit Organization Fundraisers and Campaigns
  • Influenced Uniform Requirement Policies in Schools
  • Influenced Nutritional Standards in School Cafeterias
  • Influenced School Board Meeting Procedures
  • Raised Funds for Needy Families
  • Spoke Against Frivolous Spending by School Boards
  • Collected Clothing for the Homeless in Toronto
  • Supported the Haiti Earthquake Redevelopment Effort
  • Produced Province-Wide Student Surveys
  • Made the Collection of Student Activity Fees More Transparent
  • Eliminated Bottled Water in all Schools in a School Board
  • Urged Schools to act on Cyber Bullying