Students are the products and consumers of an education system. As such, they understand how education can be improved and maintained to ensure their success. We seek to assist school boards and provincial governments to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their student engagement framework.

Our principal objective is to assist educational institutions form district student advisory councils, implement student trustees, and ensure the long-term effectiveness of meaningful student involvement initiatives. We achieve this by conducting workshops, facilitating consultations on the topic of strong student voice frameworks, and online advisory sessions on engagement strategies with school boards and provincial governments. Furthermore, we advocate for the ratification of robust student voice policy at the provincial policy level with our school board association partners. Nationally, we work with teams of student leaders in districts nationwide to provide training on how to work with policy-makers. This is critical for building student engagement policies that are both sustainable and cost effective, meaningful to students, relevant to adult-stakeholders concerned with school improvement, and proven in their ability to foster civic participation and further the values of democratic education.

This year, we aim to launch a national student engagement monitoring program in collaboration with renowned experts that will provide governments, school boards and student bodies with the ability to audit and analyze the effectiveness of their engagement policies.