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Student Voice Initiative (SVI) is a federally-incorporated non-profit organization focused on working with school boards to strengthen student engagement in Canada.

  • Activate

    We help activate “Student Trustees” on school boards looking to advance the ultimate solution for effective student voice.
  • Build

    We provide tailored expertise and action planning to help boards, districts and divisions build and improve robust student engagement models.
  • Inspire

    We share the stories of exceptional student engagement successes across the country to encourage change in education systems across the globe.


Founded in 2011, Student Voice Initiative (SVI) works across Canada with school boards, advocacy associations and provincial governments to help improve student engagement. Student voices, opinions and perspectives enrich decision-making processes and contribute to a stronger education system. As a student-led non-profit, we aim to ensure these perspectives are brought to the board table, while advising policymakers and incubating the next generation of leaders. We have unified stakeholder interests and built system-wide recognition of the importance of student voice at various levels of government. We seek to mobilize students, policy-makers and educational leaders to actualize comprehensive student voice initiatives.

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