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Student Voice Initiative (SVI) is a federally-incorporated education consultancy focused on working with school boards to strengthen student engagement in Canada.

  • Activate

    We help activate “Student Trustees” on school boards looking to advance the ultimate solution for effective student voice.
  • Build

    We provide tailored expertise and action planning to help boards, districts and divisions build and improve robust student engagement models.
  • Inspire

    We share the stories of exceptional student engagement successes across the country to encourage change in education systems across the globe.



We collaborate with school boards across the country to integrate the position of a democratically-elected student trustee and engage in student leadership development to create useful feedback loops. SVI also offers localized services in engagement analysis and action-planning. Devoted to furthering student success in communities across the country by leveraging the creativity, insight, and expertise of Canada’s young change-makers, SVI deeply believes in the benefits that the student voice offers to our education system.

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