student voice matters

Students are the most significant stakeholder within the education system, but rarely are they included in decision-making. Students are treated as passive consumers of education rather than active contributors to learning. Research and practice have told us that student voice leads to greater engagement, greater well-being, improved school climate, and lower dropout rates.

  • Engage

    We connect student voice champions across Canada.
  • Educate

    We advocate for student voice and rights in the education system.
  • Empower

    We support others in building the student voice movement.


Founded in 2011, Student Voice Initiative (SVI) is a student-led non-profit organization that works to integrate student voice within education systems across Canada. We work to create student voice systems that empower all students, and that allow for meaningful student participation in all aspects of schooling – from learning in the classroom, to policy-making, to school climate. 

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